Every customer deserves to have their personal information protected.

Having over 20 years experience working in the auto industry, we knew the methods dealerships employed to generate, collect and store their documents - specifically, the documents containing personal customer information, such as names, addresses, social security and more. This information needed to be stored and protected in a better way to protect these dealerships from lawsuits and protect their loyal customers from becoming the victims of fraud. Our next few years were spent researching document storage methods, understanding compliance laws and consulting with experts working in this field. After becoming better educated on the regulations, we were ready to start a company that could provide high quality document solutions to the auto industry. PDM started out small, servicing two auto dealerships in Pennsylvania. This gave us time to fine-tune our services to maximize the value we brought to clients and ultimately, help to protect their businesses. 

In 2013, we landed our first big client, Ricart Automotive Group. The Ricart Group was so impressed by what we had built, they spread the word and this in turn, opened the doors to more business for PDM.

Fast forward to 2018 and we now service several automotive groups across the United States.

Premier Data Management continues to work with new groups and dealerships as they become educated on the steps they can take to protect their business and the information of the customers they serve. We have also expanded our business into providing solutions to legal and auditing firms within the automotive space.